Positions currently held by MOSEC Alumni

Mediobanca, London; EuroMec Water Group, New York; HSBC, TMT M&A – Global Banking and Markets, New York; Bank of Italy; ENEL Green Power, Italy; Welten, Netherlands; Royal Bank of Scotland; Deloitte; Radleys Associates; Pirelli; Global Data, UK; ENI; Carrefour Banque;  Johnson & Johnson; Hewlett Packard; Intesa San Paolo Vita; UBS, Italy; Brown Brother Harriman, Ireland; HM Treasury, UK; Prometeia; PricewaterHouseCoopers, Rome; Capital Reality, Brazil; JDX Consulting, New York; A.T. Kearney, Milan; The Post Internazionale; European Commission; B&W Energy; Societe Generale, London; Quarz, New York; Glass and Lewis, Ireland; Unicredit, Italy; Nestlé Italia; BNL Paribas, Rome

Universities where MOSEC Alumni have been admitted to

Finanza Quantitativa: MIP, Politecnico di Milano; Msc in Economics, LSE; Ph.D. in Economics, LUISS; Msc in Finance, Warwick University; Ph.D. in Economics, LSE; PhD Statistics and Applied Mathematics, Università di Torino and Collegio Carlo Alberto; Ph.D. in Local Development, Università di Trento; Ph.D. in Economics, LUISS and Universitè Libre de Bruxelles; Ph. D. in Economics, Universitat Pompeau Fabra; Ph.D. in Economics, London Business School; Ph.D. in Economics, Northwestern University; Master in Economics, UCL; Master in Economic Theory, Toulouse School of Economics; Master in Finance, Warwick University; Master of Finance, Hult International Business School; Geography, University of Buffalo; Master in Environmental Policy, Cambridge University; Ph. D. in Law, University of Bologna; MSc in Accounting and Finance, LSE; Master in Economics, University College London;  Ph.D. Queen Mary University; Ph.D. in Economics and Quantitative Methods, Università Roma III.


My name is Luca Metelli and I have a “Laurea Specialistica” degree in Economics. I joined MOSEC in September 2008, as it is the best Master in Economics in Italy and it aims to compete with the excellences in Europe. The program is very tough and rigorous, and it prepares you for further studies, essentially a Ph.D. To be successful you’ll need a strong mathematical background and a real interest in the fields you will study. The Program is really challenging, professors are approachable, class size is perfect, and you are in the heart of Rome. If you want to contact me, my email is:

Luca Metelli, MOSEC 2008/2009

My name is Min Zhang and I attended the MOSEC program in LUISS. I come from China and studied Mathematics for my Bachelor’s Degree. I planned on pursuing my graduate studies in Economics and I was fortunate to find MOSEC through Internet and to be admitted to the Program. I did not know what to expect from the Program, as I hadn’t taken formal courses in economics before. But throughout my studies, I must say that I was really impressed by the excellent and intensive quality of the Program and I was really satisfied with my choice. Maybe I’m not that authoritative to judge the level of a Master Program as a student, but the quantity and fame of the faculty, the structure and arrangement of the courses and the equipment and environment of the campus all make me conclude that this Program is a valuable choice for those who want to study Economics and Finance, not only to get solid foundations for future working in relevant areas but also to obtain systemic preparation for further study and research.
If anyone wants to know more about the Program or my experience at MOSEC, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Min Zhang, MOSEC 2008/2009

Coming from a background in Physics, MOSEC has been a great opportunity for me to gain a deep understanding of the basis of Economics and Finance. The Faculty was outstanding and the support provided to students at all stages of the course was excellent. The course is up to international standards, classes are very up to date and students are constantly encouraged to take an active role in the lectures, contributing to the general discussion. The MOSEC allowed me to be admitted to the PhD program of the London Business School, offering me the opportunity to start a career as Researcher in Economics. You can contact me at

Giovanni Ricco, MOSEC 2009/2010

My name is Yi Sun and I was majored in Mathematics during my undergraduate study. MOSEC was where I started to learn Economics and Finance, and I think it’s a perfect choice for students who want to learn both, or who are trying to decide between them. The program covered a wide range of topics in different subjects and provided me with a good understanding in graduate level economics. Classes were organized in an interesting and challenging way, and teachers were very clear and supportive. One great thing about MOSEC is that it does not require undergraduate level knowledge in Economics or Finance, so students from different backgrounds can enjoy the program and even start their career in a new discipline. When I was applying to further study, faculties there were very helpful at each step of my application and I was admitted to PhD of Economics in Northwestern University. What I had learned in MOSEC were firmly related to my first year PhD courses, and I feel that I’m very well prepared throughout my first year. Now I’m at the beginning of my second year, and I’m still enjoying my gain from MOSEC: intensive training in empirical econometrics and in referee report writing from MOSEC are very valuable experience for doing researches.

Yi Sun, MOSEC 2009/2010